Transfusion Medicine-Related Animations & Videos

BC PBCO videos

See BC PBCO videos

Canadian Blood Services

Donating platelets

Patient Blood Management England 

NEW: Pre-administration blood component transfusion bedside check (4:10 min. training video)

UK NHS Blood and Transplant

Strange Case of Penny Allison (starring Hugh Laurie and Imelda Staunton)

N Engl J Med

Ortega R, Canelli RJ, Quillen K, Mustafa W, Kotova F. Transfusion of red cells. N Engl J Med 2016;374:e12.

  • 10 min. 'how to' video available to subscribers (plus pdf of summary points)
  • Includes Indications, Equipment, Preparation, Verifying information, Initiating transfusion, Monitoring the patient, Completing the transfusion, and Complications
  • If not a subscriber, ask transfusion service medical director, staff or students of college/university, or hospital librarian (they may subscribe)

Basic science

UK: True blood - the making of red blood cells (Wellcome Trust video with Drs. Marc Turner & Joanne Mountford) (25 Jan. 2011)

  • Click on blood containers

Blood donation

United Blood Services Youtube channel

Blood donor interview

Blood component processing

Immunohematology / Technical

Canada - BC Serology Interest Group: Passing the Serology Torch videos (11 videos ranging from~20 to 60 mins. | Completion of BloodTechNet project)

USA (NIH): Guide to blood droplet 'snap freezing' of RBCs in liquid N2