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Transfusion Reaction Investigation

(Also see BC TTISS documents below - v2.0 now available (18 Aug. 2011)

13 Aug. 2010: Process has been revised. All version 0 and draft documents were reviewed and revised, as necessary, with additional documents (*) created for the process. If you downloaded v0 docs earlier, be advised that v1.0 docs now exist for all TMP0021 documents below. Also note that some document titles have changed slightly.


Procedures (Version 1.0*)

*Except where v1.1 or v 2.0 indicated

Training & Competency (Version 1.0)

TMP0021 flowchart (v. 2.0, Aug. 2012)

(Suspected acute transfusion reaction)

Also see * Glossary

Document names begin with TMP0021

TTISS Documents

[Documents are version 2.0] Documents developed for the BC PBCO Reporting Transfusion Reactions: