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Technical Operations Manual: Disclaimer and Background

The provincial, standardized Technical Operations Manual (hereafter referred to as TOM) consists of processes, procedures, and training/competency materials, as well as various templates. The TOM on this website is organized around processes and contains some (not all) of the documents that were developed.

The TOM includes 21 transfusion medicine processes, multiple procedures for each process, with policies embedded within procedures. Procedures are written as work instructions that begin immediately. As well, each process has a training and competency package, some with Direct Observation Checklists for single procedures.

The purpose of creating the TOM was to develop a CAN/CSA Z902-04 compliant transfusion medicine operations manual to provide optimal practice procedures that could be used in different service levels of facilities across a region.

The TOM and its model documents were developed by BC blood transfusion technical specialists, representatives from all BC Health Authorities, and the Compliance Working Group, using CLSI guidelines and facilitated by Lucia Berte (consultant) and the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO).

The main project was completed and TOM documents (versions "0" and "draft") are available for individual regions and facilities to adapt to their own needs and update as required.

TOM documents are linked to a profound culture change that must occur for sustainability of this work. We highly recommend that you read the referenced CLSI guidelines to provide background and assistance as you develop these documents.

Current versions of CLSI guidelines can be purchased from CLSI (see links to specific documents on p. 3, Disclaimer and Background) .

These documents must be reviewed, customized, and validated prior to use in the user's organization.

TOM Documents




Common Procedures



All documents are version 1.0 and Microsoft Word files unless indicated otherwise.

'Rules' (DRAFT)

Templates (DRAFT)



Training & Competency


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TMP 0001 Antibody Identification
TMP 0002 Blood Product Inventory Assessment, Order and Receipt
TMP 0003 Blood Product Retrieval
TMP 0004 Crossmatch
TMP 0005 Derivatives Selection and Modification
TMP 0006 Discard and Expiry
TMP 0007 Emergency Release for Red Cells
TMP 0008 Exchange Transfusion
TMP 0009 Issue and Return
TMP 0010 Mother and Infant Examination
TMP 0011 Neonatal Red Cell Transfusion
TMP 0012 Non-Red Cell Component Selection and Modification
TMP 0014 Pretransfusion Examination
TMP 0015 ProVue®
TMP 0016 Red Cell Modification
TMP 0017 Redistribution Shipment
TMP 0018 Sample Send Out and Report Received
TMP 0019 Transfer Product With Patient
TMP 0020 Transfusion Committee Review
TMP 0021 Transfusion Reaction Investigation ( -- Aug. 2010: All procedures updated to v 1.0; some additional documents)

*Original TMP013 ( Obstetric RhIG) was included in TMP010

Common Procedures

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Common Procedures Related to Examinations

CP 0001 Accessioning of Patient Samples - Manual
CP 0002 Accessioning of Patient Samples using the ___Computer System
CP 0003 Evaluating Patient Samples and Request Forms for TMS Examination
CP0004 Checking a Patient History - Paper Records
CP 0005 Checking a Patient History in LIS
CP 0006 Routine Manual Bench Set Up
CP 0007 Manual Tube Block Preparation
CP 0008 Inspecting and Labelling Gel Card for Manual Examinations
CP 0009 2-4% Red Cell Suspension Preparation
CP 0010 0.8% Red Cell Suspension Preparation
CP 0011 Washing Red Cell Samples by a Manual Technique
CP 0012 Washing Red Cell Samples by Dade Automatic Centrifuge II (DAC II)
CP 0013 Washing Red Blood Cells for Antiglobulin Using Sorvall Cellwasher
CP 0014 Reading and Grading Tube Hemagglutination Reactions
CP 0015 Reading and Grading Gel Card Hemagglutination Reactions
CP 0016 ABO/D Examination by Tube
CP 0018 Neonate ABO/D Examination by Tube
CP 0019 A1 and B Cell LISS IAT - Tube
CP 0020 Antibody Screen by Tube IAT
CP 0021 Antibody Screen by Manual Gel Technique
CP 0022 Direct Antiglobulin Test by Tube
CP 0023 Direct Antiglobulin Test by Gel
CP 0024 Saline Indirect Antiglobulin Test (SIAT) by Tube
CP 0025 Indirect Antiglobulin Technique for Weakened Expression of D Antigen
CP 0025JA Interpretation of D and Weakened D Examination Results (Job Aide)
CP 0026 Hemoglobin S Screen
CP 0027 Archiving the Patient's Sample
CP 0028 ABO/D by Manual Gel

Common Procedures Related to Inventory (all version 0)

Common Procedures - Other

All versions 0 except as noted