What are some of the benefits of patient records when pretransfusion testing?

Benefits of patient records include:

Preventing transfusion of incompatible blood due to patient misidentification

  • This is one of the major uses of past records since misidentification can lead to transfusion of ABO-incompatible blood and life-threatening transfusion reactions.

Preventing transfusion of incompatible blood due to weak antibodies

  • Records can protect patients with weak, undetectable antibodies.

Identifying special transfusion requirements

  • Records increase safety by providing information on special transfusion requirements, e.g., the  need for CMV-negative or irradiated blood components. 

Identifying previous testing problems

  • Records identify previous testing problems such as  ABO and Rh typing discrepancies and associated investigation and resolution.

Tracking transfusion-associated transmissible diseases

  • Patient records are essential to tracking transfusion-associated transmissible diseases.