What type of blood should be crossmatched for this patient?

The patient appears to be a weak subgroup of A and is Rh positive. The particular subgroup is undefined but the patient's cells react w+ with anti-A and 2+ with anti-A,B. In addition, the patient has anti-A1 as a cold antibody not reactive at 37o C.

In such cases blood can be obtained by crossmatching group A Rh positive donor red cells by a method that includes an antiglobulin test at 37o C and issuing crossmatch-compatible donor units. Performing the antiglobin crossmatch is preferred, given that the patient has an uncommon ABO group with discrepancies in both the front and reverse group.

Alternatively, the most conservative and safest procedure would be to crossmatch (electronic or antiglobin crossmatch) group O donor units that have been ABO retested.