The technologist did not ask for assistance despite being unsure of what to do. Her decision not to contact the on-call supervisor was influenced by the supervisor having been perceived as non-supportive in the past. Which of the following possibly contributed to the technologist not asking for help?

  1. Technologist is shy and needs to be more assertive

  2. Technologist feels intimidated and makes poor decisions

  3. Supervisor suffers from stress that adversely affects her interpersonal skills

  4. Supervisor lacks patience with those she perceives as less capable than herself

  5. Communication between supervisor and staff is faulty

All are possible contributing factors. An important underlying issue is poor communication. For example:

The technologist needs to find ways to

  • clearly express why she cannot solve a problem independently

  • tactfully convey that the supervisor's approach feels intimidating

The supervisor needs to find ways to

  • understand the technologist's perspective through active and empathetic listening

  • focus on the issues and communicate expectations