Patient name: EM

Antigen phenotyping was done to help in excluding several antibodies.

Only patient results shown. Positive/negative controls worked.

Name: EM Date tested:
Patient ID #: Specimen Type: EDTA__✓ ___
Eluted cells:_____ Method:______
Patient Birth Date: Transfused or pregnant in past 3 months? no
DAT: ___ Anti-IgG ___ Anti-C3 ___ Cont ___ Or Auto IAT ___
C E c e K Fya Fyb Jka Jkb M N S s
Pt's RBCs 0 3+ 0 3+ 3+ 0 3+ 3+ 3+ 2+ 0 2+ 3+ 3+
  • IgG sensitized cells on negative IAT results worked.

Based on the patient's phenotypes, these previously unexcluded antibodies were eliminated: anti-C, anti-S, anti-s.

Anti-E and anti-K remain as possible antibodies.

Note: anti-Fyb , -Jkb, and -M  had been excluded earlier by Panel 2.