Veronika Pulley, RN

Veronika started her career as an RNA (Registered Nursing Assistant - now known as RPN) in 1970 and worked for 5 years in a small community hospital in Leamington, ON. In 1973 she upgraded her high school to enter a nursing program, working part time as an RNA to help support family and graduated as an RN in 1975. She moved to Windsor and worked as a nurse in Obstetrics (OBS) from 1977 on and became trained in Labour & Delivery in1980. She worked in OBS part time or full time until 2002 and also worked on developing an electronic clinical pathway program. In 2003 she obtained her present position with the Blood Conservation Program at Windsor General Hospital.

Further education

Since graduating from college, Veronika has gone back to school part time and obtained a BScN and a BA in Psychology. She also enrolled in St. Lawrence College distance education and graduated in May 2008 with a diploma in Occupational Health Nursing.