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Laboratory Quality Manual: Disclaimer and Background

The provincial Laboratory Quality Manual (hereafter referred to as LQM) contains m odel documents for high-level policies for each of the 12 CLSI QSEs. Current versions of CLSI guidelines can be purchased from CLSI (see links to specific documents on p. 3, Disclaimer and Background) .

The purpose of creating the LQM was to develop model documents that could be used by BC laboratories to write a facility-specific laboratory quality manual.

The LQM and its model documents were developed by laboratory quality managers in BC working as members of the Quality Management Working Group using CLSI guidelines and facilitated by Lucia Berte (consultant), the Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office, and the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO).

Documents in the LQM must be reviewed, customized, and validated prior to use in the user's organization.

LQM Contents

All documents are version 1.0 and Microsoft Word files.

PQM Title Page
PQM ABB Abbreviations used in the Laboratory Quality Manual
PQM TOC Table of Contents
PQM001 Introduction & Purpose
PQM002 Description of Laboratory
PQM003 Quality Statement
PQM004 Organization
PQM005 Customer Service
PQM006 Facilities & Safety: Accommodation & Environment
PQM007 Facilities & Safety: Safety & Emergency Preparedness
PQM008 Personnel
PQM009 Purchasing & Inventory
PQM010 Equipment: Computer Systems
PQM011 Equipment: General Equipment
PQM012 Process Control: Menu of Examination Procedures
PQM013 Process Control: Sample Collection & Handling
PQM014 Process Control: Validation of Examination Procedures
PQM015 Process Control: Quality Control (QC)
PQM016 Process Control: Result Reporting & Post-examination Process
PQM017 Documents & Records: Creation Control & Archiving of Laboratory Documents & Records
PQM018 Information Management
PQM019 Occurrence Management
PQM020 Assessment: Internal & External Assessment
PQM021 Assessment: Proficiency Testing (PT)
PQM022 Process Improvement
PQM023 Laboratory Quality Manual Glossary