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February's newsletter includes these highlights:

International news

  • General
    • XIVth International Haemovigilance Seminar (April 25-27, 2012, Montreal, Canada) First time outside Europe
    • US, French, & Japanese researchers identify proteins responsible for 2 new blood group systems
    • Platelet Rich Plasma mania? (Multiple news items)
    • 'It has always been my dream to nurse in a developing country....' Experiences in Siem Reap Provincial Hospital, Cambodia
  • Canada
    • CSTM launches new redesigned website
    • Bloodtechnet learning competition returns Feb. 24, 2012
    • Héma-Québec's Public Cord Blood Bank 1st Canadian cord blood bank to be awarded FACT Accreditation
  • Australia
    • Draft 'Patient Blood Management Guideline: Module 3 - Medical' (Open for consultation until 16 Mar. 2012)
  • Ireland
    • Health agency to restrict funding to 2 support groups for those with transfusion-associated HCV
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Shari'ah Medical Commission's protracted process forces expat to drop transfusion error case
    • Serious call to deal with medical errors in Saudi hospitals
  • UK
    • Plans to introduce opt-out organ donation supported by almost two-thirds of Welsh people
    • London's Air Ambulance first in UK to carry blood
    • Bristol Heart Institute awarded £297,000 to research improved blood transfusion methods
    • British Committee for Standards in Haematology, Transfusion Task Force, et al. Guidelines for validation and qualification, including change control, for hospital transfusion laboratories. Transfus Med 2012: pp. 5-43) Pub online: 15 Feb 2012.
    • Plans to secretly test 30,000 NHS blood transfusion recipients amid escalating CJD fears
    • IBMS Blood Group Serology Durham Conference (23 Mar. 2012)
  • USA
    • ARC and Dell launch first-of-its-kind social media Digital Operations Center for emergencies
    • Halpern v. Wake Forest Univ. Health (Fascinating case: Med student diagnosed with 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder' dismissed from medical school for unprofessional conduct. He sued, lost, & appealed, again losing.)
    • NIH asks for comment on blood donor policy for men who have sex with men
    • ARC fined $9.6 million for unsafe blood collection

Industry news

  • Alba Bioscience: New £7m investment to fund expansion in Scottish subsiduary
  • CSL: Quarantining of human albumin & product recall
  • Immucor executives in the news:
    • New CFO Dominique Petitgenet gets $375K base salary + perks
    • CEO Bill Hawkins (former Medtronic CEO) to chair public-private partnership to bring regulatory sciences center for med technology to Minnesota

Diseases in the news


  • Ireland: Health agency to restrict funding to 2 support groups for those with transfusion-associated HCV


  • UK: Plans to secretly test 30,000 NHS blood transfusion recipients amid escalating CJD fears

Resource library


  • January 2012 issue of Transfusion: All papers are free full text.
  • Eclectic selection of papers including
  • Two in Transfusion that stimulated this month's blogs:
    • Red blood cell products: consideration of the discrepant temperature ranges permitted for storage versus transport.
    • Number of recent sexual partners among blood donors in Brazil: associations with donor demographics, donation characteristics, and infectious disease markers.
  • Paper that discusses "What if shelf life becomes a consideration in ordering red blood cells?"
and much more...

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March 9, 2012
Pat Letendre, TraQ coordinator

TraQ Newsletter - February 2012


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Global News


Vancouver, Canada: Cosmetic uses emerge for PRP (Press release, 15 Feb. 2012)

Conference abstract (American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Specialty Day): PRP helps heal elbow injuries (12 Feb. 2012, San Francisco)

Florida, USA: PRP increasing in popularity (9 Feb. 2012)

Background: Is PRP an effective healing therapy? / PRP - What's behind the hype?




Saudi Arabia



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Blood donor questions about heterosexual sex (Musings on cultural differences in predonation screening)

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