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December's newsletter includes these highlights:

International news featuring:

  • General
    • Patrick Mollison, a giant of transfusion medicine, dead at 97
    • AABB Standards, proposed ed. 28 (Open for comment until 5 Mar. 2012)
    • Future of stem cell therapy (neat overview from UK physician)
    • Study finds need for blood is less post-surgery
    • Herbert Polesky, medical director of Memorial Blood Centers in Minnesota for 35 years, dead at 78
    • Breakthrough with gene therapy for hemophilia B
    • Newborn deaths from necrotising enterocolitis linked to AB blood type
  • Canada
    • Bloodtechnet learning competition returns Feb. 3rd, 2012
  • Australia
    • Review of blood system concludes reforms are needed / Reports include 
      • 'Analysis of cost drivers and trends in the blood sector' & 'Options to manage appropriate use of blood & blood products'
  • India
    • Wrong blood transfusion could not have caused patient's death
  • UK
    • 79 yr-old patient sent home with blood transfusion cannula still in arm
    • 2012 special events may hit blood stocks
    • Govt. plans to share confidential patient records with researchers unless patients opt out
  • USA
    • Small Florida blood bank urges state to halt planned merger of 3 largest blood centers

Industry news:

  • Entire human genome available for $1000 US

Diseases in the news:

  • Hepatitis C
    • USA: CDC reports HCV transmission via transplants

Resource library:

  • Presentations from UK's National External Quality Assessment Service (NEQAS)
  • New TM blog: Stand by me (Musings on bullying by health professionals)


  • Papers that stimulated news, as well as an interesting study by Canadian researchers that reveals how stakeholders in the blood system think differently about risk.
and much more...


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January 12, 2011
Pat Letendre, TraQ coordinator

TraQ Newsletter - December 2011


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UK: Presentations from NEQAS, 17 Nov. 2011

NEW TM blog: Stand by me (Musings on bullying by health professionals)

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