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November's newsletter includes these highlights:

International news featuring:

  • General:
    • MMWR report on strengthening blood transfusion services in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Newborn deaths from necrotising enterocolitis linked to AB blood type
    • Guide to scientific writing
  • Canada:
    • BC PBCO: Transfusion reaction education for BC pathologists (Oct. - Dec. 2011)
    • Living Donor Paired Exchange kidney transplant registry completes 100th transplant
    • "Blood wars": Many articles on NB considering its own blood system after CBS closes Saint John production plant
  • Pakistan: Profitable blood transfusion business becomes deadly
  • UK
    • Govt. plans to share confidential patient records with researchers unless patients opt out
    • UK begins trials for new transfusion protocols in trauma
  • USA
    • Court rules that prohibiting payment for organ donation does not apply to stem cells extracted from blood
    • Minnesota Supreme Court rules that research on newborn blood samples requires parental consent
    • Florida's massive blood bank merger almost done

Industry news:

  • Merck to pay almost $1 billion to settle Vioxx charges

Diseases in the news

  • HIV: Economists conclude that protecting blood supply in Africa is good return on investment

Resource library:


  • Eclectic articles including reports on
    • Canada's NAC 2011 massive transfusion consensus conference
    • Comparison of surveillance of transfusion-transmissible infection systems in 5 developed countries

and much more...

And it is with much sadness that we report the death of a great Canadian and transfusion medicine professional, Dr. B.P.L. (Paddy) Moore who died on Dec. 5, 2011.

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December 11, 2011
Pat Letendre, TraQ coordinator

TraQ Newsletter - November 2011


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Global News

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Diseases in the News

  • HIV: Transfusions: Experts less than sanguine over risks from donated blood (30 Nov. 2011)
    • Enomists conclude that protecting blood supply is good investment
    • 131,000 infections could be averted annually in sub-Saharan Africa for $2m in additional investments over 4 yrs, providing benefits from avoided treatment and improved life expectancy > 400 times the costs

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Industry News

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Resource Library / Links

TM blog: You're so vain: What we've got here is failure to communicate (Musings on the CBS-NB 'blood feud')

ORBCoN: Toolkit for introducing a new blood component (v1)

Guide to scientific writing (great resource from AACC)

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