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On behalf of everyone at TraQ, Happy 2011!

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January's newsletter includes these highlights:

  • International news:
    • General
      • Tranexamic acid's use in traumas
      • Test for DEHP may reveal 'doping' with autologous red cells
      • Training the next generation of lab managers
    • Canada
      • BloodTechnet's Learning Competition (See ideas proposed so far)
    • Diseases: News on HCV (UK) and a report on plasma from recovering patients used to treat influenza A (H1N1)
    • Industry news: Several reports on the explosive growth & cost of molecular diagnostic tests
    • Literature: Interesting paper on the cost to hospitals of acquiring and processing blood in the USA
    • Resource library: UK resource on transfusion of blood & blood components in an emergency
    • New TM blog: 'Tough Titty' and other iPad apps (Musing on 'revolutionary' apps for TM)
    • and much more...
  • UK
    • Experienced nurse struck off for not completing transfusion & incorrectly administrating pain relief, including 
      • Conduct & Competence Committee panel meeting (Fascinating, detailed account of charges)
  • USA
    • Blood banks preparing to lose baby boomers
    • Life-saving choices at Tucson hospital following shootings
    • Case of child who died of transfusion-associated WNV back before Florida appeals court

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January 23, 2011
Pat Letendre, TraQ coordinator

TraQ Newsletter - January 2011


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Anstee DJ. The functional importance of blood group-active molecules in human red blood cells. Vox Sang. 2011 Jan;100(1):140–9.

*  Murphy MF, Stanworth SJ, Yazer M. Transfusion practice and safety: current status and possibilities for improvement. Vox Sang 2011 Jan;100(1):46–59. Pub. online 22 Dec. 2010.

Toner RW, Pizzi L, Leas B, Ballas SK, Quigley A, Goldfarb NI. Costs to hospitals of acquiring and processing blood in the US: A survey of hospital-based blood banks and transfusion services. Appl Health Econ Health Policy. 2011 Jan 1;9(1):29–37. (Interesting info on what US hospitals pay)



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