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Saturday, 23 September 2017

New on TraQ (By topic)

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Transfusion Medicine ReviewsVox sanguinis (ISBT) | J Med Ethics (Jan. 2015)

Asian Journal of Transfusion Science (HTML Free text, Jan-June, 2016) | View as e-book (takes time to load)

  • Special Issue (Abstracts): Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Blood Transfusion Society, Glasgow, UK, 13–15 Sept. 2017. Transfusion Med 2017;27(Supplement S2):1-73.
  • A few selected posters from Annual Scientific Meeting of the BBTS,13–15 Sept. 2017 | Well worth a read. Search for poster nos., e.g., 'PO35' (without quotes)
    • PO35 Anatomy of a deception - a case of donor impersonation [Authors from Irish Blood Transfusion Service] | Case of donor impersonating a relative with relative's collusion
    • PO58 SHOT: 20 years of reporting shows human error is most common cause of adverse incidents: use bedside checklist | Errors compounded by poor communication, shifts, understaffing
    • PO65 The final bedside check prior to transfusion: is a one or two person check safer? [SHOT authors] | 2-person independently checking is not necessarily safer, can provide false sense of security, each believing the other has checked correctly.
    • PO112 ‘Ah, so this is what transfusion is like in the real world … ’Enhancing safety via the evolution of simulation education for medical students | Study included prior e-learning, small group seminar, clinical simulations
    • PO120 Baby R: a success story of high levels of anti-D in pregnancy | Mother in 5th pregnancy,1 prior live birth, 5 antibodies,inc. anti-D, -M, -S, -Fyb, -Jkb
    • PO123 Transfusion education for non-medical prescribers: is ‘team based learning’ (TBL) an effective way to learn? | In UK NMPs with specific training can also prescribe blood components
  • A few selected talks from Annual Scientific Meeting of the BBTS,13–15 Sept. 2017
    • SI07 (I07, not 107) Blood and bombs: blood service support following the 2017 Manchester Concert Bombing | 22 May 2017: 22 died, 116 admitted to hospital, including many young women
    • AW03 Getting the message across: turning science into stories [by Lorna Williamson, one of the founders of SHOT, 1994] | 'Agreeing the key message is critical, then you need simple unambiguous language, striking images and humour.'
    • SI15 (I not '1') Valuing the ‘near miss’ – an opportunity to learn from hospital complaints [Authors: NHSBT, Newcastle]
    • SI18 (I not '1') Human factors analysis of SHOT reports in 2016 | Factors leading to errors that were analysed: Staff, Environment, Organisation, Govt/Regulatory
    • SI24 (I not '1') Transfusion-transmitted HIV from seroconverted blood donors has not been identified in England: Findings from 8 years of lookbacks | The only documented HIV transmissions in the UK predate pooled NAT testing
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