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  • TraQ's October newsletter | BC PBCO

    31 October

    26 October

    25 October

    24 October

    • CanadaBlood Regulations (published in Canada Gazette, Part II (CGII), 23 Oct. 2013 to come into force on 23 Oct. 2014)
      • The Blood Regulations contain safety requirements with respect to blood for transfusion or for further manufacture and apply to all persons or establishments who perform any of the following activities related to blood: processing (donor suitability assessment, collection, testing and blood component preparation); transforming (washing, pooling and irradiating blood intended for transfusion); labelling; storing; record keeping; importing (for transfusion); distributing; and error, accident and adverse reaction investigation and reporting.
      • CAN/CSA-Z902-10 (Blood Standard): Since relevant sections of the Blood Standard are referenced in the Blood Regulations, all blood establishments require access to the most current version of the Blood Standard, available on the CSA website.

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