What's New - Chronological (December 2012)

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  • Transfusion Reaction Education for BC Pathologists - Webinars now available (Inc. slides & Q&A section)
  • BC PBCO & BC Technical Resource Group: 'Transfusion Bits and Bytes' (6 educational videos for med lab technologists)
  • BC PBCO's New mobile web apps - BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator and IVIG Dosing Calculator | Instructions:
  • raQ's December newsletter | BC PBCO
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    • Haemonetics:  Client letter with examining protocol, photos on potential for leaks in the flexible Y connector of donor line in some whole blood collection sets (14 Dec. 2012) Fall-out from Hema-Quebec issue (11 Dec. below). Love how they mention in 1st paragraph it's Pall Corp products.

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