Canadian Transfusion Guidelines and Standards for Best Practice

Blood Safety Standards

Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine

Standards for Hospital Transfusion Services, Version 4 (April 2017)

Canadian Standards Association

CSA Standards for Blood and Blood Components Z902-15

Health Canada

Guidance Document: Blood Regulations (2014-10-23)

Blood Establishment Registration Application. Forms and Instructions: FRM-0353

Blood Error or Accident Investigation Preliminary Report Form (FRM-0337, 2014-10-23)

Transfusion Guidelines

BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO): IVIG Provincial Program

Canadian Blood Services (CBS): Clinical Guide to Transfusion (edited by Gwen Clarke and Sophie Chargé)

National Advisory Committee on Blood & Blood Products (NAC): Multiple Guidelines & Recommendations

Canadian Pediatric Society: Red blood cell transfusions in newborn infants. Paediatr Child Health 2014;19(4);213-17.