6.1.5.Review each column under the antigen. If there is a sufficient number of cells, as defined in the following table, to exclude the corresponding antibody, place an "x" above the antigen.

Note: Every laboratory sets its own protocol for antibody exclusion. The ones here are taken from the TraQ Technical Resource Manual and constitute but one example of good practice.

Antibody Specificity Minimum Number of Cells Required
Anti-C, -E, -c, -e
Anti-S, -s, -M, -N
Anti-Fya, -Fyb
Anti-Jka, -Jkb
1 homozygous cell
(2 preferred, if available)

In the presence of anti-D, 2 heterozygous examples of C and E are considered sufficient for exclusion.

Anti-K, -k 2 heterozygous or 1 homozygous cell
Anti-D >2 cells
Anti-f Anti-P1, Anti-Lea, -Leb Anti-Xga Any 1 cell
Anti-Cw, -V Anti-Kpa , -Jsa Anti-Lua Anti-Wra Routine exclusion is not usually required unless an antibody directed to a low frequency antigen is suspected (i.e. the panel cell, carrying the antigen, is positive and there are no other antibodies or explanations for the positive result).