Case A6: Elderly Patient With a Difficult Antibody Combination

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Contributed by: Carol Stanley, ART, Nanaimo General Hospital


Mrs. E.M. is a 77 yr. old female admitted with chest pain and anemia. She has been admitted several times over the previous year for investigation of chronic gastrointestinal bleeding.

  • Pregnancies: 4
  • Transfusion: 2 units of red blood cells transfused on each of three occasions over the previous year. The most recent transfusion was 4 months ago.

Initial pretransfusion testing results

Based on these results, an antibody investigation was done.


After reviewing the case summary, consider these questions.

  1. Which antibodies were once classified as HTLA?


  2. With which types of diseases are null Chido and Rogers phenotypes associated?


  3. Since anti-Ch and -Rg are considered to be clinically insignificant, is it important to investigate and identify them?


  4. Has anti-Ch or anti-Rg ever caused a severe transfusion reaction?



Graphpad. Online tool for calculating p values

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